My affair with nature…

During the past 7 years I’ve developed an awareness of everything that comes in contact with my body. From creams, soaps, and shampoos to laundry detergents and home cleaning products. I have come to understand that in order to live a truly healthy life It’s not only about what you eat or how much you exercise, but about being conscious of many other things. What you put in your body and everything that surrounds you at home, the products you breathe and you allow to touch your body and your family’s in one way or another every single day.

In the past few years I have experimented with different brands of natural products.  There are a few I have been faithful to from the beginning, but I am constantly in search of new products that will make me feel good when I use them.  I know in the long run my body will be very grateful.

Starting this blog felt like the natural thing to do. Why not go beyond the things already in front of me and really embark on this beautiful experiment.

This journey will take us around the world looking for amazing products that are locally made in each country, that are 100% natural, organic, free of any chemicals and that above all have NEVER been tested on animals..        

Oh yes, I love animals,  but that’s for a whole different post !

I’m sure we’ll find extraordinary products and i’m thrilled to share my adventures with you..





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