From Chiang Mai – Mung Bean Powder

Mung Bean Powder and Thai Hill Tribe Bags


I discovered this magical product by pure luck!!

I was searching online for a cool little bag to keep my Essential Oils when I stumbled upon ‘Sugar Elephant Cafe’. An online store in the Northern of Thailand that specialize in natural products, from Herbal tea, Coffee, Herbs & Spices to Natural Soaps and Coconut & wooded beads.


Mung Bean Green Bean:
Popularly known as Green Gram, Mung Bean is a powerful anti-aging agent that is native to Asia, Europe and the US. An

ancient tradition promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as the perfect PH balancer and skin cleanser.

Research has shown that mung beans actually work better than Vitamins C and E in improving skin issues such as pigmentation, freckles as well as age spots.

FullSizeRender copy

As a face cleanser and exfoliator: use a teaspoon of the powder in your palm and add water to make a paste, wet face and rub thoroughly, then rinse with warm water. At the end, you will be left with brighter, radiant skin and reduced pores.

For a mask: use a larger quantity and leave on for 10-15 minutes. Use this twice a day for a soft, clear, & luminous skin (without the use of chemicals)

Mung Bean powder does not dry the skin like soap does and does not irritate the skin like chemically-made facial washes.

Thai Hill Tribe zipped Bags:

These beautiful multi-coloured, Thai Hill Tribe bags are hand woven using naturally dyed Thai cotton.

They are perfect for make up, phone, hand creams, or anything you’d like to keep in it. They can also be a super cool gift!!

You can find Sugar Elephant Cafe and all their wonderful Thai products on Etsy.


Raquel ❤


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