From Haiti With Love

This is week is all about natural, amazing soaps from all over the world and the local companies that are working together to make a difference in their communities.


Lets start with Haiti.

Ayiti Natives soaps are made from an all natural blend of Haiti’s most precious essential oils, herbs, nuts, and pure hand-extracted Haitian coconut oil.

This is the Toasted Coconut Scrub Soap and is made with pure, rich coconut oil and toasted coconut flakes from the souther coast of Haiti. It is a natural scrub that will help reduced acne, age spots and will leave your skin irresistible soft.

Each soap is hand crafted by a small group of women in Port-au-Prince Haiti. Founder Caroline Sada, a Haitian-American social entrepreneur explained her reason for forming Ayiti in her native Haiti “What I’ve learned since my return to Haiti is that Haiti will only evolve through job creation, strategic investments, and export of its most valued assets: crafts, coffee and essential oils. I see Haiti brimming with products that are marketable internationally”

Ayiti’s soaps don’t just create jobs for Haitian women, but the company also focuses on the environment, all soaps are packaged in scrap fabric from a local t-shirt factory which has been lined with scrap aluminum wrapping from a local snack factory.

For more information please visit them at:


Raquel ❤


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