Uganda meets Vietnam… Humans rights and women empowerment.

IMG_1688This East African Lemongrass & Lavender soap from BeadForLife in Uganda, is made with all-natural Shea butter or Shea Nilotica which comes from the Vitellaria Nilotica tree, a sub species which grows across Northern Uganda.

Besides having the creamiest of textures, the scent of Lavender and lemongrass essential oils make this soap smells amazing.

BeadforLife is a non-profit organization dedicated to fight extreme poverty by creating opportunities to African women living on less than a dollar a day.

The organization started working in Northern Uganda in 2008, months after Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army had been driven out and the refugees started returning. Most of the women had experienced horrible atrocities. Some had homes burned to the ground by the rebels, many saw family members killed and some were abducted and forced to become child soldiers or sex slaves to the commanders. Despite their hardships, these are hardworking people are trying to rebuild their lives.


BeadforLife has partnered with over 760 of these women to create a market for the shea nuts which they have gathered  for generations. They buy the nuts during harvest season, providing women with critical cash income which they use to pay for their children’s school fees, buy medicine or invest in their farms.

BeadforLife processes the shea nuts into exquisite and rare Shea Nilotica, which grows wild in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan. The particularclimate in this region has given rise to shea butter with a significantly lower melting point and increased pliability at room temp than traditional shea butter. These benefits are due to 25% higher oleic acid and 45% lower stearic acid content than West African shea butter.

Some of the attributes of BeadforLife Shea Butter Nilotica

– All purpose moisturizer
– Rich in olien and vitamins A, E & F
– Natural, slightly sweet, nutty scent
– Creamy texture, easy to use in formulations or directly on skin
– Melts at skin temperature making it highly absorbent
– High in unsaponifiables, antioxidant, and cinnamic acid
– Cold‐pressed to preserve all the natural qualities
– Chemical free extraction
– 100% pure and natural


And my small cute Coin Pouch is handcrafted using glass beads and square pieces of shell by artisans from the Nam Dihn province of Vietnam.  Working from their homes, artisans are able to care for their families and raise funds to care for handicapped orphans in the community, all while earning a living wage. It comes 4 different colors and you can find them at Global Girlfriend.


Global Girlfriend was created by Stacey Edgar in 2003 to help women worldwide gain economic security while providing costumers unique products and a simple way to help women in need. Their fair-trade boutique offers a line of trend-setting, women-made, fair-trade products including stylish apparel, accessories and gifts with one purpose — helping women in need help themselves.

Greater Good stores offer a unique opportunity to support causes you care about at no extra cost to you. Every purchase in our online stores gives a charity royalty from 5-30% to a specific worthy cause. Global Girlfriend is a GreaterGood store.


Raquel ❤


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