Amazake Hazelnut!!

Go Hazelnuts!!!
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First time trying this Cultured Rice Shake from Grainaissance and really loving the nutty, toasty flavor and rich texture. Plus is really filling and full of nutrients, you can easily replace a meal with any of their different flavors.

The base for this shake is Amazake, which is a traditional beverage from Japan that is made from fermented rice. It is often sweet tasting and contains either little or no alcohol. Amazake can be consumed on its own by watering it down, it can be made from both brown and white rice and has many health benefits:

– It has a high fiber content.

– According to John and Jan Belleme, the authors of the book “Japanese Foods that Heal: Using Traditional Ingredients to Promote Health,” brown-rice amazake is very high in nutrients, as it contains all of the nutrients of whole-grain brown rice. Whole-grain brown rice is a good source of selenium, containing 27 percent of your daily requirement, and it is also a good source of manganese, containing 88 percent of your daily requirement.

– It is a good source of magnesium and phosphorus, containing 21 percent and 16 percent of your daily requirement respectively.

– Because amazake is fermented before it is consumed, it is partially predigested. As with other fermented foods such as yogurt and miso, amazake is high in enzymes and bacteria that help with digestion.

Besides Amazake, this shake in particular is made of Hazelnuts (very high in energy and loaded with numerous health-benefiting nutrients that are essential for optimum health) Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Hazelnut Flavor.


Raquel ❤


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