Chia Hair Detangler

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My hair tends to get greasy very fast, I have to wash it every other day. I stopped using conditioner a long time ago because I noticed it made my hair greasier even faster, now I just wash it and use a natural detangler.

I have been using The Honest Company hair detangler for the past year and I absolutely LOVE it, but I decided it was time for a change 🙂 So I found this great Chia Detangler from Aubrey Organics and I love it.

I have been using it for a couple of weeks and so far I am very pleased. It is very light and works perfectly without leaving my hair greasy or feeling heavy.

it is made of:

Organic Chia Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3 which are healthy fats that besides improving your brain power also improve you scalp. They promote healthy hair growth by nourishing the cell membranes and hair shaft so that hair continues to stay healthy. They also keep our hair elastic, which keeps them from easily breaking off when we brush or wash our hair.

Organic Quinoa Protein – Offers accessible vegetable protein to gently cleanse and nourish your hair. It’s amino acids help repair damage to the hair shaft while its proteins coat, strengthen and protects it. It is also packed with vitamins which aid in hair growth while preventing breakage.

Antioxidant Tea Blend – Protects natural & color-treated hair from heat styling damage

It also contains a blend of evening primrose, orange peel, lavender, eucalyptus, lime, lemon, rosemary and rooibos tea essential oils.

All of their products are sulfate, phthalates and fragrance free and contain no artificial coloring.
For more info on this and all of their products visite them at


Raquel ❤


3 thoughts on “Chia Hair Detangler

  1. This looks soooo nice! Do you find that it smells like Chia? I have fairly curly hair and tend to drown it in conditioner, but something like this might be a nice break from the routine. Have you used any Aubrey Organics products before? My coworker swears by their conditioners… 🙂

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      1. hehe ok good to know. I have been adding Chia seeds to smoothies and oatmeal and don’t really like the kind of bitter smell of mine, but maybe that is just food related! Good to know 😉

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