From Sudan: Lulu Life

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Shea butter, called “Lulu” in Sudan is made from the nuts of a tree that grows only in Africa and is a natural botanical product revered for its healing and soothing properties.
This Lulu Body Soap made with Coconut Oil, Calendula Flowers, is unrefined, organic and it leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed, and moisturized.
The nuts from Lulu Life trees (Vitellaria paradoxa nilotica) are collected, cracked, sorted, dried, ground by hand and then cold-pressed avoiding even the slightest trace of chemical contamination.

For generations, Sudanese women have tended Lulu (Shea nut) trees, as this source of nutrition bears its fruit just when hunger peaks during Sudan’s dry season. Long a diet staple in Southern Sudan, lulu oil now brings a necessary income to hundreds of Sudanese families.

The Lulu Livelihoods program was founded in 2000 by the French non-government organization MEDIC (Medical Emergency and Development International Committee) in response to rampant hunger and need in conflict torn Sudan.
Over the past decade, Lulu Livelihoods has created an infrastructure for a sustainable shea oil industry for the women of Southern Sudan, ensuring the rights of Sudanese women as the traditional guardians of Sudan’s lulu tree.

Processing lulu oil is extremely labor-intensive, but with proper storage, it can be preserved year round for use. Through the careful organization of nut collection sites and oil processing centers, enough lulu oil can be produced in Southern Sudan to meet local demand and to convert surplus oil into marketable skin care products.

For more information on these and all the amazing Shea Butter products from Lulu Life, visit them at:

You can also buy Lulu Life on Etsy


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