Papaya-Coconut Yoga Mat Cleaner


You guys… I never thought a Yoga Mat Cleaner would make me miss my beautiful island.
The smell of Papaya and Coconut is so amazing I can close my eyes and just picture myself doing yoga by the beach.
From Mind Over Lather in Ohio, this mat cleaner is handcrafted and 100% natural made with: Witch hazel, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree (which are naturally antibacterial and antiviral) and essential oils.
They don’t use alcohol so the mat will never dry out OR coconut oil like other name brands that will cause your hands and feet to slip.
The most amazing part is it can be used as a room spray, on your linens, in your car and even as a hand sanitizer (I have been using to wipe my desk everyday)
The seller is beyond nice and it shipped in 1 day, no complains!


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