All Natural Essential Oils Disinfectant

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Based in St Louis Treesnail Natural Essentials makes100% all-natural home and body care products using with therapeutic-grade essential oils. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and consistency.

Treesnail will be donating 20% of EVERY sale to Breana B, a 27 year-old new mommy that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her next 18 weeks will involve chemo, surgery, and radiation, all which will have her in and out of work. Their donations will continue until Breana is back to work full time and financially stable.

It’s important to keep your family healthy, but in a fast paced and constantly changing lifestyle it can be hard to constantly monitor what every hand in your house is getting into. That’s why it is important to properly disinfect surfaces and supplies on a regular basis, in order to keep bacterial colonies from growing in unwanted places.

This disinfectant spray eliminates germs naturally with therapeutic-grade bergamot and tea tree essential oils, each with their own antibacterial and anti-fungal properties:

Eucalyptus: is antimicrobial, helping to prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections
Peppermint: helps to control odors and deters ants, spiders, and other insects.
Tea Tree: is not only a green cleaning powerhouse, but it is also an antiparasitic, capable of destroying or suppressing the growth of parasites such as fleas, leeches, lice, and ticks.
Bergamot: is one of my favorite oils to use for green cleaning, and it’s also the perfect addition to your natural insect repellent spray as it adds a mood boosting, fruity lift

Besides these Essential Oil, this disinfectant also has:
Distilled H2O, Glycerin (naturally derived, It cuts through grease easily and is especially effective on greasy stains like tar or oil), Alcohol and like they say “Nothing Funky” (my favorite part)

As you can imagine, I have tried several disinfectants during the period of these past years and all I can say is I’m really liking this one and you can spray directly onto your linens, surfaces, car seats and even your carpet.

For more info on this and all of the Treesnail products:


Raquel ❤


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