HeadAche Spother.. Great idea!!

 I found this roll-on from Badger Balm two days ago and being the aromatherapy lover that I am have been using it a LOT.

I tend to get very bad tension headaches, they start on my neck and go all the way to the middle of my head and have found this soother very helpful.

It is super easy to use, just open the cap and rub on your temples, neck and under your nose. It is super calming and refreshing!
This cooling temple rub is rich with soothing botanical extracts and includes super-concentrated Menthol Crystals: the essence of mint created by a freezing process.
It also contains:

– Eucalyptus and Peppermint which are stimulating and refreshing

– Lavender to supports balance and calm

– Mandarin which super uplifting

Check out their website for more info:


Raquel ❤️


5 thoughts on “HeadAche Spother.. Great idea!!

  1. I love the Badger brand! I just tried the Badger organic cocoa lip balm keeps my lips smooth and moist. So good-bye to dry chapped cracked lips. The best part all organic, so I don’t have to worry about ingesting harsh chemicals if I happen to lick my lips lol

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  2. Reblogged this on OrganicBoi and commented:
    Here is once again another great Badger product Headache Soother.Looking for something that is calming and reviving? This looks like the product you don’t want to pass up. I found this great post on a cool blog Kindest Journey. Free of harsh chemicals so go on and try it 🙂

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