Ravenwood Soap ‘Lavender Hand Cream’

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So, my husband went to Vancouver this weekend and first of all, loved the city!! Second, of course I asked him to dig around on his spare time and see if he could find natural products for me to try and share with you guys.

Turns out the city is full of small, local shops and In just 2 days he was able to find several amazing shops and brought back a couple of products.

This one is a Lavender hand cream and as you can see it comes in cutest most practical container. It looks like a tiny deodorant, fits perfectly in my purse, it’s super moisturizing and I love the fact that I just have to take the top off and roll it whenever I want without having to dig in with my fingers!

The scent is light and lovely as well!!

Ravenwood Soap products are made in Penticton BC, Canada.

They make 100% organic skin-care products, using all natural ingredients. In their very own field, they grow Lavender and Calendula, as well as many other plants and herbs used in their products.

Ingredients – beeswax, organic sunflower oil, cocoa butter and essential oil of lavender.



Raquel ❤


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