Oh, how I love to smother myself in veggies !! 🍅

This is the Carrot Tomato 10 Minute Gel Mask from Lunasea Botanicals in Pittsburgh, PA.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 12.11.42 PM

An exfoliating ten minute gel mask that hydrates, smooths, lightens and brightens with nourishing herbs and oils

I have used it 3 times since I received it and my face feels soft, tight and hydrated after each use! Can’t wait to start noticing the brightening effects!

Tomato is a natural bleaching agent, this makes it a good skin whitening agent too. Tomatoes have cooling and astringent properties and are also rich in vitamin C. Thus it is a perfect remedy for skin lightening if you have an oily or acne prone skin. The natural acidic composition of tomatoes will balance the skin pH and get you rid of excessive oil apart from making it white. Its antioxidants will fight off the free radicals too to give you a younger looking skin.

Carrot is rich in minerals and Vitamin A, which makes it a miracle vegetable! It’s really good for your skin. There are many goodness that carrots provides for your skin and enhance your beauty:

Gives young glowing skin
Purifies blood which reflects in your skin’s beauty
Gives soft and smooth body which glitters like a gold
Cures dark circles and sagging skin in your eyes
Nourishes skin and improves the complexion
Removes sun tan and gives a even toned skin.

Apply evenly over clean face and neck. Let stand for ten minutes then wipe off with warm wet towel. Tone and moisturize.

Ingredients: carrot, tomato, chamomile, licorice root, uva ursi, comfrey, calendula, rose hips, rice bran oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, carrot oil





Raquel ❤


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